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Total and General Electric are adopting an innovative wastewater treatment

With the aim of reducing the water usage, in Tempa Rossa project, located in Basilicata, Total and General Electric will adopt an innovative wastewater treatment during the entire life of the oil field.


Reducing water usage is a critical challenge in the oil & gas industry in order to protect the environment. Numerous environmental regulations, rigorous permitting processes, and lack of water availability, among other factors, have driven Total to implement Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems as a solution in the Tempa Rossa project. With the adoption of the ZLD systems, the plant will be able to eliminate liquid waste streams and produce high purity water for reuse, saving money and helping to protect the environment. 

A water innovation process for the environment

With more than 35 years of experience in the design, delivery, commissioning and service of ZLD systems, General Electric provides a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for ZLD applications. Used for the first time at the Tempa Rossa project, this innovative process can reduce up to 90 percent of water consumption.

A reliable partner: General Electric ZLD system

The ZLD system is an innovative process that combines brine concentration technologies such as evaporators, and crystallisers to concentrate the wastewater to a solid that can be safely disposed of in a landfill or recovered as a valuable by-product for use. Proven performers and highly reliable, the General Electric ZLD systems are up to 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional designs. These technologies can often be combined with other equipment to provide the optimal solution according to wastewater characteristics, flow rates, and requirements.

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